Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why Read a Scientology or Dianetics Book?

You've probably heard a good deal about Scientology.

And I wouldn't be surprised if you know a Scientologist.

If you do, chances are you like the person and may have been curious about why he or she is a Scientologist

The best way to find out is to get a book.

The one I recommend are Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health
I was just reading Jettero Heller's Engineering a New Worldblog.

He certainly has an ecclectic taste. Blogs about the most interesting things.

Check out this posting about architecture in Dubai.

And stay around for a while an enjoy the blog.

Jet blogs a lot about Scientology and has some very interesting things to say on the subject.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Recent Wedding News

THE wedding is over, but the news still abounds.

It was a fairy tale wedding. The kind every girl dreams of. And why not?

Why shouldn't dreams come true?

And here they are as they are leaving for their

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

David Miscavige Interview

I ran across this interview of David Miscavige on YouTube. I saw it in 1992 and it was great to see it again.

David Miscavige is a natural leader, but what he's accomplished in the last 20 years since he became Chairman of the Board of RTC (Religious Technology Center) is remarkable.

And I think the reason he is so successful is that he applies Scientology 100% standardly.

Scientology Weddings

There has been lots of interest in Scientology weddings, with the recent marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

As a Scientology ministers I have performed many weddings in the past. And the thing that differentiates a Scientology wedding from any other marriage ceremony is that it offers advice to the couple to help them create their marriage and keep it bright, alive and full of the same joy they are experiencing on their wedding day.

That tool is a discovery of L. Ron Hubbard called "The ARC Triange." Pronounced A- R- C not "arc" it stands for Affinity, Reality and Communication.

Here is a link to an article on ARC that tells what it is all about and how it works.

And here's a clip of the Today show where they talk about the wedding (prior to it happening) and what the service is like.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Church of Scientology Mission of Aurora

I just found a web site for the Church of Scientology Mission of Aurora.

They post the following on their contact information:

"We are located on the northeast corner of Iliff Ave and Interstate-225 in the 7 story Forum Building our address is 14001 E Iliff Ave Suite #302 [in Aurora, CO].

"The Mission is open Tuesday thru Thursday 7pm - 10pm and Saturday 9:30am - 3:30pm

"Feel free to email us aurora@scientology.net

"or better yet we would love to speak to you our number is 303-725-4620"